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                Recommended quality

                Product List

                Phone number:18961193390


                Add:Xueyan town Wujin District Changzhou city Jiangsu province Industrial Park


                 Wuxi TongHui Motor Co.,Ltd.is adjacent to the beautiful scenery of the picturesque Taihu Lake, at the foot of Mountain. Is located in Changzhou the snow Yanzhen snow East Industrial Park. Close to the tin should be high speed, the company covers an area of 10,000 square meters, registered capital of 5 million yuan, with 30 million yuan in fixed assets, the company now has Tonghui motor Wheatstone automation integration. WENSTORE petroleum testing instruments three brands. 

                    Jiangsu Hui Stone Electric Co., Ltd. has the perfect ISO9000 certification, GB/T28001: 2001 Occupational Health and Safety System, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system, EU CE certification, and product configuration standardization. Began in 2007 to import more scientific, standardized the 5S enterprise management system. Company has a technology is strong, young and courage to open up the excellent staff, years of brewing excellence, the pursuit of excellence in corporate culture, as well as to science and technology, innovation and development "strategic concept, with the advanced production equipment and technology, perfect detection means, effective management, and product design from a professional manufacture of motors to provide a wide range of automation solutions for customers, the various types of customized high-performance oil testing instruments.